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  Sr. Catherine Jackson Braille Library and Rehabilitation Director
  Mrs C. Johnson Administrator: +263 (0) 4-495116
  Andrew Mutambisa Administrator, Braille Library and Rehabilitation Department.


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Yes, the library was officially opened the that day.  You can read more about it from a copy of the The Zimbabwe Sunday Mail Magazine of 10th April 1994.

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This organization is the only one in Zimbabwe which produces all the Braille required by the schools and universities as well as many of the books in DAISY format burnt on CDs.

Anyone in the country who loses his or her sight eye totally or partially may apply at the Dorothy Duncan where they will be offered appropriate training as well as full use of the libraries, Braille, Large Print, Audio tapes and CDs.

Until fairly recently only those people who had accommodation in Harare could attend the Centre but since a house was given to the Dorothy Duncan organization it has been possible to accept people from around the country. They live at the new Residence where they learn Daily Living Skills, and walk daily to the Braille Library for Braille, Orientation and Mobility, counseling, Switchboard operating, and computers.

The new Residence is only a 20 minute walk from the Library and the students are accompanies morning and night by the sighted staff of the library. To date there has been a steady flow of people from all walks of life coming for two to three months training and then many of them returning to their jobs or going to new ones.

The premises are still being developed and the vegetable garden is providing for all the needs of the Library and Rehabilitation under the careful direction of an ex-farmer who had his farm taken from him. He is now developing worm culture to produce the fertilizer needed and hopes to establish a Herb Training Centre not only for our blind students but for the world at large.

This Residence is a fulfillment of a dream and is steadily taking shape into what will hopefully become a warm and efficient refuge for all those who have lost their sight in Zimbabwe.

Many people have contributed to its present state and very sincere thanks go out to each one of you. We hope and trust that you will look out for our website and spread the word to all your friends.


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